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Used Bernhard Express Dual 4000

Are you searching for an automatically grinds mower reels, without disassembling the mower? Milati Grass Machines can offer you an used Bernhard Express Dual 4000. This used machine from 2016 is in perfect condition and can be delivered immediately.

For questions about the used Bernhard Express Dual 4000, please contact us.

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The Express Dual 4000 automatically grinds mower reels in situ without the need to disassemble the mower. The membrane touch control panel, speed loading system and automatic traverse feature ensures rapid turnaround and improved workshop safety.

Express Dual 4000 is renowned the world over for superb grind quality, lightning speed, ease of use, exceptional reliability and long life. The chassis height is ergonomically built for operator comfort. A new look for Express Dual — improved safety enclosures offer dust and noise containment.

Unique auto-cut provides accurate finish, eliminating the need for lapping and extra relief thereby dramatically reducing maintenance costs and improves the health of your turf.

  • Bigger, improved safety enclosure — fits taller walking greens mowers and those with lighting attachments
  • Variable reel speed for consistent output and balanced results
  • Operator panel with tactile colour coded function buttons
  • WITH: Lift Table; safety guard; auto traverse; storage; dust collection
  • OPTIONS: Express Relief; Vacuum system; sound insulation pack for further noise reduction



  • Precision machine for spin grinding reels in-frame up to 36” long.
  • Weight: 1311lbs (596kg).
  • Size: 71” W x 55” D x 71” H (1786 x 1389 x 1800 mm).
  • Width and depth include clearance for control panel.
  • Lift Table requires an extra 24” (610mm) front to back depth when open.
  • Guard requires 19” (480mm) extra height when open.
  • Allow total width of 86” (2190 mm) for cable reel drive.


Here is a manual for the Bernhard Express Dual 4000.

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